Polymedia has developed a software package to accompany legislative sessions – Congress

05 december 2012

Polymedia, Russian leading system integrator, released its new development - a Congress software package for the preparation and holding meetings on the new laws adoption. Congress has a broad functionality for the digital support of meetings: forms the agenda (the list of speakers and the accompanying documents, summarizes the results of voting), registration, filing, speeches, organizes the vote, and provides a map of the proceedings on the screen for collective use, using materials meeting, live video session to a network of public authorities and in the Internet and also the final materials formation (audio and video recording, a formal record of the meeting, a transcript).

"Congress was created to be a major element for the preparation and maintenance of legislative sessions, increasing the efficiency of work with the documents and the effectiveness of meetings in general", - says Victor Demenko, Head of Software Solutions Department of Polymedia.

First practical application of the complex took place in September 20 as part of the first in the new political season meeting of deputies of the State Council of the Republic of Komi IV session, devoted to the republican budget for 2011. Parliamentarians considered more than three dozen questions, foremost of which was a report on the execution of the national budget for 2011, the subsequent modification to the main financial document of the year, as well as a number of issues of social orientation.

During the meeting, the use of the complex allowed to consider all the issues on the agenda, ensured more than 40 voting with all regulatory standards. According to Alexander Selyutin, Head of the Committee of Informatization and Communication of the Republic of Komi, innovation has not caused any difficulties in members and participants working.

Complex in its composition differs by a wide range of software and audio-visual elements: Software of DIS audio conferencing system, Crestron integrated control software and Congress, bringing together all the systems in a single set as well as server equipment, sound recording, audio and video switching, video recording and live video. But in the process of meeting people - students and lecturers - see only the Congress interface on interactive tablets, and interact with the necessary documents.

In late November Polymedia implemented Congress for 100 users in the hall of State Council of the Republic of Komi.

"The Congress system proved to be a highly effective tool for holing and supporting sessions, ensuring all the procedures of laws consideration and adoption. We believe that this new solution has a great potential for development and implementation at the state level", - said Alexander Selyutin.

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