Polymedia celebrates the 15th Anniversary

14 june 2013

A leading Russian system integrator Polymedia celebrates its 15th anniversary and set ambitious goals for the future

The leader at Russian market for AV solutions and system integration Polymedia Company celebrates its 15th anniversary in July 2013. As part of the anniversary year many activities are planned. The main aim is to cover the company's activities and achievements. These include traditional summer teacher-training conference, a celebration of the anniversary of the company, the unit activities at the Integrated Systems Russia 2013, a new page on the site dedicated to the history of many years of success, contests in social media and online Edcommunity network.

The Company was opened in 1998 crisis and easily survived the default because has not been burdened neither storehouse nor serious commitments. Today Polymedia is a branched structure of trade and integration; it includes 13 companies in Russia and the CIS, its staff consists of more than 480 people, an annual turnover growth of 30% -50% and the portfolio has three thousands of integration projects all over Russian Federation.

The Polymedia’ s System Integration Department was opened in 2002 in parallel with the development of Rental & Staging Department which split off into a separate company ART Polymedia. This company is a leader at the market of rental projects now; the company provides creative audio-visual solutions for large-scale shows, corporate events and activities at the highest level.

Polymedia highlights two priority areas of development: the construction of Situation Centers for government and the development of Solutions for Education.

Polymedia conducts active research activities in the field of Situation Centers. In 2011 Polymedia CEO Elena Novikova published the book "Situation centers. Experience, state, trends" in collaboration with Russian Federal Security Service. Now the book is very popular in Russia, it is dedicated to the design and creation of Situation Centers.

Polymedia pioneered the Russian audiovisual industry and was the first innovator in this field: in 1999 the Company has brought an interactive whiteboard into Russia and presented it to the Russian education community. Polymedia has gained a leading position, occupying 40% of the Russian market of interactive whiteboards. During the years of active promotion more than 60 million devices have been sold. In present days almost every school in Russia uses this effective tool of education (there are 50,977 schools in Russia); more than 7.5 million registered users share experiences and create lessons online in the organized by Polymedia network Edcommunity.ru (the average monthly site visitors is around 30,000 users).

Further prospects in the sphere of creating solutions for education Polymedia sees in the design of solutions for distance learning with the presence effect. The Company consider this solution more effective for practical training and lessons in grades and secondary school in comparison with webinar and other analogs, without mentioning the high importance of this technology in providing equal educational opportunities to children of urban and small schools. One of such kind of Polymedia projects – Distance Learning System for 124 schools in Krasnodar territory – was awarded the international prize InAVation Awards-2012 in the category "InAVative Futures Award".

The Polymedia staff of technical specialists, engineers and programmers is more than 50%. 73% of them have official vendor’s certificates. The growth of engineering potential enabled Polymedia to open a Development center in 2009 and got a new status among the other players in the AV and IT market - "IT developer". The company has released a number of successful solutions, which are distinguished by their uniqueness. Hardware and software system VIRD (2009) was the first development of the company. The system is used for rendering control in the situation centers; it has already been implemented in 39 of them in Russia. In 2012 the Company launched the product focused on corporate customers – an electronic flipchart (or intellectual collaborative display) Flipbox. This Russian development is unique all over the world and has caused great interest in the Integration Systems Europe show in Amsterdam. Flipbox was nominated for an international award InAVation Awards 2013 in the category “Most InAVative Unified Communications or Collaboration Product”.

Development center of Polymedia has released Congress, a new hard & soft product for legislative sessions electronic supporting; it is implemented and functioning effectively in the legislative councils of Russian regions – the Republic of Komi and the Orenburg region.

In 2004 Polymedia began opening regional offices in order to increase sales of its equipment (mainly in the education sector). By 2013, the geographical expansion of the Company has reached neighboring countries and now has 13 offices, including Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. This allowed the company to expand the projects’ geography to 611, from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Today Polymedia regional representative offices are also focused on the system integration and actively enhance its engineering capabilities.

One of the recent directions of the Company’s development is working with resellers; the company currently has about 700 partners across the country. After re-orientation of regional offices on the integration projects, the company has not lost in profits from sales because of developing a dealer network.

Polymedia is a multiple winner of national and international awards for professional AV and system integration. Polymedia won seven awards in various categories for the four years of the Russian premium ProIntegration Awards, the company became the winner three times and five times nominated for InAVation Awards. ART Polymedia won the Golden Puzzle '09 – the prize for achievements in the event marketing.

"Polymedia is successful due to the fact that it never put itself the small purposes; when we opened, we already did this in order to become a major international company, and other perspectives we could not imagine. I think we're going by our own chosen way, without turning on, and we hope it will be a long one.

Now we are expanding the business and see the new directions of development in the industry of visualization and communication, we will also continue the development of solutions, designed to facilitate the work of the corporate user, "- says Polymedia CEO Elena Novikova.

Experts estimate that in 15 years, the company has equipped the territory of Russian Federation and CIS with 143 528 displays and paved about 3 thousand kilometers of cable routes, which is approximately equal to the distance from Moscow to Omsk (Western Siberia).

35% of Polymedia team has 10 and 15 years of work experience, while the Company grows younger every year: the number of employees up to 30 years is 50.3%.
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