FLIPBOX Software Suite is the powerful software to enhance group collaboration through the use of interactive display. Install Flipbox Software Suite on Windows 7 or 8 powered PC connected to any touchscreen or interactive whiteboard and you will get a full-featured set of presentation and collaboration tools to make group work more effective and most productive.

With Flipbox Software Suite you can:

  • PRESENT documents
  • BROWSE the Internet
  • Wirelessly DISPLAY laptop or tablet screen

Many software solutions for interactive displays and whiteboards that are on the market today were designed for elementary education purposes and do not entirely correspond to the needs of modern businesses and higher education establishments. That is the reason why a majority of existing interactive display and whiteboard solutions have just basic utilities and capabilities. Flipbox Software Suite can bring this expensive hardware back to life. And once you have PC and touchscreen you don’t have to buy any additional hardware – simply install Flipbox.

If you want to achieve best possible experience you can look at our FLIPBOX Display 65UHD which is the state-of-the-art large touchscreen featuring UltraHD resolution and other innovative things. Together with Flipbox Software Suite it creates perfect solution for your meeting room or auditorium.

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POLYWALL is a high-end software solution to control video walls and information displays for control rooms, conference halls and Digital Signage projects. You can easily install Polywall to a videowall controller and show any information you want on the big screen.

With Polywall you can:

  • MANAGE multiple videowalls and displays from the single user interface.
  • CREATE scenarios (playlists) to automate playback of content.
  • DISPLAY wide range of content types on any display over network.
  • Easy online DRAG & DROP control.
  • INTEGRATE Polywall with enterprise information systems like BI and GIS systems.
  • SCHEDULE the playback of content to specified time of day.

Typically control rooms have wide variety of data sources and it is often difficult to effective manage them even on single high-resolution screen. Polywall can help to make this process a breeze – that is why Polywall is an excellent solution for all type of control rooms. Modern conference halls provide a lot of possibilities to make your event or presentation really exceptional. However, it is often difficult to unleash full potential of high-tech equipment. This is where Polywall comes into play. One of the most effective advertising channels is Digital Signage. There are a lot of solutions at the market that can turn a display into remotely controlled advertising billboard. However, most of these solutions are built by engineers for engineers. And Digital Signage system is usually managed by marketing professionals who do not want to waste their time on engineering trainings. The solution is using Polywall software.

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