Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of Sberbank

ART Polymedia company was an official technical and decoration supplier of the Annual General Shareholders Meeting on 2015 results, which was held on May 27th, 2016 in conference hall of Sberbank. It was equipped three zones under realized rental solution: Plenary Meeting room, exhibition area and Sberbank’s bus-mobile office. Sberbank of Russia is Russia’s largest bank and a leading global financial institution.

Client has indicated in brief the following requirements:

  1. Equip Plenary room with visualization system based on high-resolution LED screen, sound and simultaneous translation systems, light and power equipment.
  2. Erect stage elements, including two tribunes with fences.
  3. Organize shooting and broadcasting on the Internet.
  4. Decorate and build-up conference room.
  5. Install additional air-conditioning system.
  6. Equip and brand with meeting attributes Sberbank’s bus-mobile office.
  7. Equip exhibition area.

ART Polymedia specialists developed and realized rental solution, which best met above highlighted objectives.

Plenary room stage was equipped with three LED screens:
─ High-resolution LED screen POLYLED P2 with pixel pitch 2mm (18,8x4,2m) in the middle.
─ Two LED screens-wings POLYLED P4 with pixel pitch 4mm (4,5х2m) on each side.

For speakers also were installed Full HD LCD displays on the tilt floor stands for comfortable viewing of the information. To work with high resolution screens, create and control in real-time several scalable windows, title videos, playback presentations and other content located on the external devices, ART Polymedia has installed at the control desk two Vista Spyder X20 video processors and Catalyst media server. All commutation was duplicated with the spare lines in case of any breaks.

For meeting video recording and broadcasting on the Internet was organized shooting using four stationery television cameras, Camera crane system and camera with radio channel and stabilization system (steadicam) for shooting in stage area. Control desk was equipped with Blackmagic ATEM Production Studio 1 M/E 4K, which allowed managing cameras and making recording in Full HD 1080p.

As part of the implemented solution Plenary room was equipped with extended sound system for provision videos with multichannel audio (5+1 Dolby Surround) and quality speakers sounding.

In addition to technical support of the event, ART Polymedia company has accomplished decoration along conference room perimeter, installed two tribunes to provide “Amphitheatre” sitting arrangement, built up stage using Prolyte decks. Besides there was made special “deflector” above the stage to diffuse the direct beams from the lighting and provide optimal brightness for speakers shooting.

The main challenge of this project was to manage large number of presentations and videos in terms of tight schedule. All materials were brought “as is” in various formats to control desk shortly before the event, so it was necessary to have time to copy, check, convert and render files.