APEC-2012: Finance Ministers` Meeting at Central Exhibition Hall Manezh

APEC Senior Finance Officials' Meeting, APEC Finance Deputies` Meeting and APEC Finance Ministers` Meeting were held on August 28-30, 2012 in Central Exhibition Hall Manezh in Moscow in the network of APEC-2012. ART Polymedia company has provided video equipment for this event. 

This meeting provided Ministers with the opportunity to share views and information on regional macroeconomic and financial developments, as well as on national and regional policy priorities. The meeting was built on the results of the previous meetings in Yaroslavl, Kazan and Saint-Petersburg, for which we also provided the equipment. The outcome of the APEC Finance Ministers' Meeting is a final draft of recommendations for the leaders of the economies, which was presented to them on September 8-9 in Vladivostok. 

The organizers have set a goal to us to equip 13 areas, located on the ground and first floor of the venue, with information visualization systems and also organize the broadcast of the video signal from two main rooms to other areas without the loss of the quality. All areas of the business activity were constructed from special metal units. The noise insulation and decorate works were conducted after their installation. All video equipment installation works were simultaneously made with general construction of CEH Manezh. 

We have developed the following technical solution for Plenary Meeting Room, which became the main meeting area: four high resolution LED screens POLYLED P4 (4,09х2,56 m.) were installed on the perimeter of the room for comfortable information perception by all participants of the meeting. The information also were duplicated to the plasma panel-prompters, located in the centre of the room. The meetings in the Plenary Meeting Room were shooted on the video cameras and broadcasted to other areas of the CEH Manezh to more than 60 plasma panels.

Presentations and broadcasts were managed by the main control area, located near the Plenary Meeting Room in the separate maintenance area, equipped in addition by the Spyder Vista X20 video processor. This processor allowed us to form unique pictures for each business activity areas. We used only fibre-optic cables to ensure the high quality of the broadcasted signals. The length of some cables reached up to 200 meters

We have installed four plasma panels 60’’ in the middle of the Ministers’ Meeting Room. The picture for them was formed by the local control room equipped with another Spyder Vista X20 video processor. Also it was possible to broadcast the signal from the Plenary Meeting Room. 

Other areas were equipped by the Full HD Panasonic plasma panels (42”, 50”, 60”). Talking about the installation and commissioning works the main difficulty were tide schedule and close deadlines. Technicians and engineers were divided into several teams and worked in shifts round the clock to mount everything in time.