Implementation of hardware & software complex Congress for preparation and maintenance of parliamentary sessions of State Council of the Komi Republic


The first automation system for holding sessions in the State Council of the Komi Republic appeared in the 1980-s and was a quite simple development of Belarusian producer with the possibility of voting by three positions “for - against - abstain” without microphones, loudspeakers and dedicated software. By the beginning of 2000, this system turned out to be completely inapplicable, and in 2005 the conference hall of the State Council was completely reconstructed: both its technical component and walls geometry changed. Ekaterinburg company Uralsystem Scientific and Production Association designed special ledges on perimeter extinguishing sound resonance vibrations, catchers of standing acoustic waves and built in stationary loudspeakers into false walls. Except for separate nuances (for example, instead of already habitual tablets there were “cash terminals” at user’s workstations) the solution suited the State Council stuff in relation to functionality and technical abilities. The difficulties in the sphere of technical support arose later. After a number of serious technical malfunctions during sessions, in 2011 there was made a decision on system modernization and change of the contractor.

In the course of the market monitoring, the companies, whose staff in design groups made from three to five programmers, were rejected. It turned out to be that there are few companies engaged in it seriously. Having held a competition among them, the State Council of Komi chose Congress hardware & software complex by Polymedia company.

Polymedia is an experimental integrator in the sphere of state structures and the author of more than 3,000 projects, which most part make the situational centers and conference room of legislative authorities. It accumulated the most important requirements and wishes of the clients regularly facing the necessity to discuss many agenda questions with a lot of enclosed documents and applied them in their innovative development. The company experts studied attentively videos, agenda, minutes and shorthand notes of some legislative authorities’ sessions in the regions of Russia. They interrogated the representatives of organization departments and technical specialists, then created the list of requirements to the complex and defined the implementation priorities. When the company management had made the decision to invest in this development, formation of the complex architecture began. It was followed by prototype creation, prototyping and software development. Due to these works there has been created a display sample of template solution in Polymedia showroom used in Komi Republic nowadays.

Congress hardware & software complex for preparation and maintenance of parliamentary sessions solves the whole range of tasks in the Great conference hall of the State Council of the Komi Republic. The main task is optimizing work with electronic documents, introducing digital messages exchange during sessions and increasing work efficiency with documents and legislative actions efficiency as a whole.

Congress complex possesses broad functionality for digital sessions maintenance:

  • Agenda formation (the list of participants, the list of speakers and accompanying documents, the list of votes);
  • Conducting all the routine procedures (participants registration, filing applications of several types with reason indication, speech, voting);
  • Viewing the session materials on the participants interactive tablets (participants with the indication of presence, speakers, accompanying documents, voting results, the lists of applications for speeches with the indication of type and reason);
  • Sending and viewing text messages to groups and individual participants;
  • Displaying information about the session course in the remote viewing displays installed in the conference hall and foyer;
  • Session video translation into the organization network and the Internet;
  • Forming final session materials (audio recording, session video record regarding the agenda, formalized minutes, the basis of shorthand notes).

The first practical application of the complex took place on September 20, 2012 within IV session of the deputy corps of the State Council of the Komi Republic, first in a new political season. Using Congress the parliamentarians considered more than three tens questions and held more than 50 votings with observance of all the regulatory norms. According to Aleksandr Selyutin the head of the Committee of Information and Communication of the Komi Republic, the innovation did not cause any difficulties in the work of deputies and invited session participants. In total more than 100 representatives of legislative and executive government authorities of the Republic took part in the session work.

“For ensuring the processes of measuring and adopting bills in our republic we chose the Congress integration solution by Polymedia, because this complex, unlike the majority of the developments existing in the world, has been created in strict accordance with the requirements of Regulations of the Russian legislative authorities, and also possesses a number of functions, which are absent in the systems by other producers. All this allows to significantly optimize the process of parliamentary sessions preparation and maintenance and also consideration of bills and to adjust quick information exchange between the participants. We suppose that Congress possesses high potential for application in the processes of lawmaking at regional and federal levels”, commented Aleksandr Selyutin.