InAVative staging of All About Cinderella Musical

The project originates from Polymedia engineers and a theater team synergy. At first the customer envisaged using just one large rear projection screen but thanks to Polymedia engineers its initial idea transformed to a complex and flexible audiovisual installation offering unprecedented opportunities to an on-stage performance group.
All About Cinderella musical comedy became the most unusual first theater night of 2014 due to its bright idea, music by Russian pop art maestro Raymond Pauls and SLOT Russian alternative rock band as well as to participation of well known theater director Oleg Gloushkov and unique Polymedia audiovisual installations breaking all foundations of classical theater and placing the performance to a new state-of-the-art level. The first night took place on Oct 22 and triggered broad resonance at Moscow theatrical circles.

A key technical feature of the musical comedy is associated with its tight affinity to the performance idea: a new interpretation of the well known fair story that draw viewer attention of all generations.«Are you sure that you know the story? Is Godmother really the same good fairy she pretends to be? What mystery does King conceals? What Prince does in forest at night? And who keeps the lost slipper? There are a lot of ‘Cinderellas’ but none of them is like ours!»

The solution novelty as envisioned by the stage director should deeply affect the performance presentation. For example stage managers completely gave up on classical theatrical scenery and actor costumes shifting their role to multimedia. For the sake of the idea realization Polymedia company designed and implemented a number of hardware and software solutions that allowed to fulfill stage director plans and create multidimensional media space for the performance.

Dramatic visualization is produced by a LED backdrops and video mapping at fix scenic structures. Three projection layouts are used: front-end one provides video mapping by ceiling projector at the center of the hall to individual figures at the stage; middle one provides video mapping to 3D frame structures around the stage with four projectors, and back one forms images at the LED backdrops. Distributed middle and back layers open all possibilities for creating additory sense of a 3D stage. Dynamic video imaging offers almost unlimited opportunities for visual stage transformations. In some scenes, for example, animals run away from a hunter, characters leave the stage by virtual train, etc.

One of important illuminating tasks for Polymedia engineers was to provide balanced settings of front projection system, LED backdrops and scenic lighting facility.
To suppress pixelization a diffuser in the form of rear projection screen has been installed over the LED backdrops skin tight to it.
Using audiovisual technologies allowed creating new artificial spaces at the stage where virtual characters can move and appear at a number of locations simultaneously thus greatly expanding opportunities for improvisation.

All the facility is fully concealed from viewers’ eyes, the equipment is ultimately portable but provides at the same time everything requisite for high quality visualization and is well suited for road performance. The latest is especially important since frequent system dismantling is envisioned due to periodical repertoire changes and road tours of the musical over the country.

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