Kyzylorda akkymat Situation Center (Kazakhstan)

Polymedia-Kazakhstan implemented a project of a situation center (SC) for local government (akkymat) of Kyzylorda region at Republic of Kazakhstan.

Project Start Date: January 5, 2014

Project Implementation Date: June 11, 2014

Integrator: Polymedia-Kazakhstan LLC

Subcontractor: Prognoz Company

Customer: Kyzylorda akkymat administration, Republic of Kazakhstan

Project objective: Improving the efficiency of Kyzylorda local government (akkymat) based on modern informational and communication technologies

Purpose: providing complex vision about situation in the region and comparison analysis with other regions of Republic of Kazakhstan as well as information support for making management decisions

Situation center tasks
  • Monitoring, analysis and forecasting socio-economic development of Kyzylorda region
  • Infrastructure and investment projects monitoring
  • Estimating security and risk management at economic, financial, demographic, industry, information and other sectors
  • Sociopolitical situation analysis
  • Strategic and operative planning of Kyzylorda region
  • Preparing and examining decision options on current situations
  • Providing information support for corporate decision making
  • Communicating decisions to executives and controlling them

Project consists of two parts: Hardware and software implementation. Hardware: SC main hall, analytic’s hall, operator’s room and server room has been fitted out as part of the project. A videoconference system has been implemented that connected the Center with seven regions of Kyzylorda oblast at a distance up to 500 km from the Situation Center (e.g. at Aral region) that are to improve regional government communication with regions. The Situation Center facility includes among others a mobile component with Polycase workstation and a satellite communication terminal providing hot link communication in emergency situations. IP cameras integrated with a situation hall have been deployed at most important building sites that allow monitoring local situation in real time;

Software: Information analysis system (I has been developed and implemented; this information system (IAS) Si has been integrated with information systems used at the regional akkymat.
There are 21 employees at the Situation Center including technicians and analysts who finished a training program specially developed by Polymedia for situation centers personnel.
The new Kyzylorda oblast situation center was presented to Prime Minister of Republic of Kazakhstan Karim Maseemov on July 14, 2014. Akkym Krymbek Kusherbaev, Deputy Akkym Nurzhan Alibaev, Chief of Polymedia holding company Elena Novikova and Director General of Polymedia-Kazakhstan Askar Khabibulin took part at the ceremony.