Russian Institute of Strategic Studies


Key features of the project

1. A tailor-made conference room deployed in a revamped gym of an ordinary high school

2. Digital Projection’s projector for the first time ever installed in Russia

3. The first in Russia DNP Supernova Infinity 200 frontal projection screen providing high contrast images even in a brightly illuminated room

4. Unique functional and ergonomic furniture designed by Polymedia professionals with a view to the optimal perception of visual information

5. New opportunities for old equipment – many of inherited systems that were installed at the customer premises previously and for various reasons could not be used are now integrated and successfully employed

In August, 2007 Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS) announced a tender for developing technical documentation and designing a project of conference room instrumentation. Altogether 5 companies participated at the tender and in follow-up of competitive tendering Polymedia company has been pronounced the winner because its professionals managed to develop project and technical documentation in the shortest possible time and in strict compliance with requirements of the government contract. Then tenders for equipment supply and commissioning followed where Polymedia took part alongside with 6 other companies and again has won the victory.

RISS was founded in 1992 by USSR President decree and a former high school building has been offered for its accommodation. The Institute provides information analysis support to federal government bodies in formulating strategic directions of national security policy and such activities require a conference room equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Furthermore, it was necessary to accommodate such a conference room in a revamped gym of a typical high school.

After reconstruction the RISS conference room evolves into the multifunctional auditorium well suited for holding presentations, conferences, business meetings and summits of CIS member states. The new audiovisual package of hardware components developed for the conference room facilitates holding any of the above mentioned events on a highest technological level.

1. Information display system

The main multi-user information display facilities are DNP Supernova Infinity 200'' (443x250 cm) frontal projection screen and Digital Projection Lightning 1080p projector. Using Supernova screen diminishes negative impact of ambient light on a picture quality thus allowing use of frontal projection in a large and bright room. Digital Projection Lightning projector, for the first time deployed in Russia, embodies three-chip DLP technology, provides high brightness, contrast and colour rendering quality. The resolution of the projector is 1920 x 1080 pixels with aspect ratio of 16 : 9 and brightness up to 15 000 ANSI Lumen.

Extron multiwindow processor allows demonstrating several sources at one screen simultaneously (it’s possible, say, to show at a separate window an image of a presentator or a person asking a question from its seat in the audience).

In order to duplicate information for meeting participants at their table as far as during videoconferences Mitsubishi LCD displays with resolution of 1920 x 1080 are installed allowing distortion-free reproducing information demonstrated on the main screen. The devices are mounted on stands and placed at optimum viewing zone from working places. Videoconference cameras are mounted on the same stands.

The chairperson workspace is equipped with SMART Sympodium interactive whiteboard enabling him or her to control a presentation and to graphically comment any computer information. A picture from the whiteboard is sent to the projector and is displayed on the screen.

All the desks are equipped with architectural interfaces for connecting notebooks through which participants can demonstrate images from their laptops on the main screen and supplementary ones.

2. Conference system

The new auditorium is equipped with Bosch DCN Next Generation conference system enabling members of meeting presidium and participants to speak from their working places.

It comprises a president console, 24 desktop consoles for delegates, 14 discussion consoles with a double channel selector each and 34 built-in delegate consoles.

3. Audio system

Acoustic uniformity inside the room is achieved through use of high quality Tannoy acoustic systems and wall mounted Control series compact two way monitors by JBL which provide wideband frequency reproduction and thus are optimally suited for both a voice amplification and musical programs playback. Deployment of Biamp Audia system offered high quality sounding together with user friendly control of sound fluxes in the conference room.

4. Documentation system

For the purpose of recording any events holding in the conference room, creating and managing video archives a documentation system has been installed. It is based on professional VCR with SDI digital video input for recording video camera signals and audio input for recording signals from an audio processor. NLE-HDV2 Apple Final Cut Pro HD studio of non-linear video editing is used for handling collected multimedia.

5. Switching system

A switching subsystem contains equipment for signal collecting, converting and distributing as well as cable passages. Video signals from any source can be switched to any display hardware including operator’s control monitors.

Extron broadband matrix switcher is used for source switching. Long distances signal transmission is performed through an optical cable that helps to avoid distortions.

6. Control system

The conference room is fitted with a system of integrated control based on Crestron equipment which offers convenient control of all operation modes of the facility. The control system user interface represents a touch panel installed on the operator’s work station. The graphical interface of the control system has been designed specifically for the given customer and comprises all the controls necessary for managing remote equipment. The touch panel also offers information about actual state of the facility’s remote equipment including On/Off projector status, data on running hours of its lamp and current operating mode.

7. Operator’s room equipment

An operator working in the control room can use installed there control monitors supporting his or hers performance. Signals from the projector output can be viewed on Mitsubishi LDT 461 LCD panel and two Neovo monitors one of which simultaneously demonstrates images from 4 video cameras and the second allows to view any of these pictures in the full screen mode.

8. Uninterrupted power supply system

In order to provide guaranteed delivery of electric energy the conference room is equipped with General Electric uninterrupted power supply unit which allows normal shutdown of computers and projectors in case of power setback thus protecting projector lamps and preventing loss of information at computer hard disks.


Professionals of Polymedia company have implemented the sophisticated all-inclusive project in the shortest possible time, on a high technological level and in full accordance with the Customer requirements thus helping to raise effectiveness of events hold in the new conference room.