Uzavtosanoat JSC monitoring and control center (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)


Uzavtosanoat, JSC, has been founded at the discretion and under auspices of Republic of Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov and became a symbol of creative potential of national economy over the years of independence. Onward progress strategy based on creating equal and mutually beneficial relations with established companies aims at manufacturing competitive goods and services up to the world standards.

Nowadays Uzbekistan is the only manufacturer of the full range of cars and merchant enginery in Central Asia. The industry sector now comprises more than 200 enterprises and organizations joined within a framework of Uzavtosanoat state run company and providing more than 20,000 jobs.

Twenty years ago, the first in Central Asia automobile manufacturing plant was laid down in Andizhan province at the city of Asaka. In 2004, Uzavtosanoat Association transforms to a joint stock company for improving managerial efficiency. Now it combines dozens of large and medium enterprises including those with involvement of foreign capital from such countries as Republic of Korea, Italy, Germany, USA, etc. There are not merely automobile manufacturing businesses but also consumer goods plants among them.

Nowadays national car industry is one of fastest growing industries at the country, it exemplifies export potential of Uzbekistan and plays increasingly growing role in international economic activity evolvement.

In 2014, Uzavtosanoat announced a tender for creating on the base of its headquarters a center for monitoring some 20 affiliated enterprises, production lines and standalone objects of strategic importance. Polymedia JSC has won the tender and in summer 2014, it took on the project in spite of the fact that building and construction works so far continued at the site.

The main purpose of the project was to provide the following functionality:

– Permanent communication with enterprises

– Real time monitoring of functioning enterprises and plants

– Tracking individual segments of automotive transport production lines

– Conducting high level meetings, sessions and conferences

In frameworks of the project implementation, an audiovisual installation has been created at Uzavtosanoat new front office in the city of Tashkent that includes a monitoring center, a conference room and two small boardrooms. Software part of the installation is based on Polymedia's proprietary solution. It is Polywall software and hardware suite for visualization control.

Polymedia also integrated the installation with a video conference system supporting up to 32 subscribers distributed over all the Republic of Uzbekistan territory. For another thing, information broadcast from IP cameras to video screens at the hall allows the company management to maintain awareness of all activities at enterprises, plants, production lines, workshops, warehouses as well as inside buildings and premises. The inherited IP cameras were installed at various objects in different time by different integrators so Polymedia engineers used Polywall software suite to combine all of them into a consistent system. Nowadays monitoring center offers the customer wide opportunities to control activities even at such distant places as cities of Asaka, Samarkand, Urgench and Andizhan. A newly installed flexible video conference system supports videoconferencing with office managers both in point-to-point mode and in split-screen layout while Polywall suite allows to control visualizing information from various sources at all displays of the center.

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