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Kamenny Island Palace is a prominent monument to classicism dating back to the times of Catherine II of Russia. The monument is located in Saint Petersburg. Built in 1780, the palace became the favorite residence of Alexander I, Emperor of Russia.There are numerous stories and myths about Kamenny Island Palace. Legend has it that this was exactly the place to which the Bronze Horseman arrived at a gallop after learning that Alexander I, fearing the approach of the French army, was going to move the monument out of the city of Saint Petersburg. Then, bronze Peter said that as long as he stood at his spot, nothing would happen to the city.

However, it is known for certain that the walls of the palace witnessed more than one historical event: the appointment of Mikhail Kutuzov as Commander-in-Chief of Imperial Russian Army, the opening of a center of painting during the times of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna, and music evenings, which were hosted by a composer Rubinshtein...

Nowadays, the Kamenny Island Palace is a historical and cultural heritage site protected by UNESCO.

In 2014, it was decided to create the Talent Academy for children and the youth of Saint Petersburg. The Talent Academy was meant to be created inside the palace as an educational area that is unique among other educational institutions.

On the 14th of December 2015, the Talent Academy was opened in Kamenny Island Palace. The concept of the project was developed by the Committee on Education of Saint Petersburg in close collaboration with the Polymedia company in order to provide the youth with an area for unrestricted creative outlet and vocational guidance. Kronstadt Group took part in equipping the Academy with multimedia solutions as well.

The following people took part in the solemn ceremony of opening the new educational institution: Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, Vice-Governor Vladimir Kirillov, Сhairman of Committee on Education Zhanna Vorobyova, Talent Academy CEO Darya Andrianova, as well as Polymedia CEO Elena Novikova and President of Kronstadt Group Nikolay Lebedev.

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