Situation Center of Atyrau Region, Kazakhstan


On the 21st of December 2015, there was a grand opening of a Situation Center of Atyrau Region with the participation of the akim (governor) of the region, Baktykozhi Izmuhambetov, and the head of the akim’s office (the governor’s office), Ernar Baspaev.

Akimat is a regional executive authority in Kazakhstan, Akim (Governor) represents the president and the government authority in the region.

Polymedia LLP became the integrator of the project and developed a comprehensive project that included both technological integration and the analytical component. The company has equipped the Situation Center with the state-of-the-art audiovisual and information-and-communications technologies and deployed an information-and-analytics system to increase effectiveness of management and control of the region.

Nowadays, the Center serves as an instrument to provide comprehensive information about the situation in the economic and social areas of the region, assists to prevent critical and emergency situations operatively, as well as collates the activity of the region with other regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In their turn, the aforementioned activities optimize and increase the effectiveness of the managerial decision-making process.

Locally, the Situation Center is comprised of the Main Hall, Analytics Hall, and Control Room, all inside the administrative building of akimat. Communications with seven district akimats of Atyrau Region can be performed via a video conference system.

The Situation Center also includes a mobile component, which is used during critical situations for online broadcasting into the Situation Center. IP cameras have been installed near building sites of social importance. These cameras are integrated with the Situation Center, allowing to monitor the statuses of the objects in real time.

The personnel of the Center consists of eight people, who are technicians and analysts who have completed a special training course created by the Polymedia LLP integrator.

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