The Convention Hall of the State Assembly of the Sakha Republic Il Tumen


The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is a state of the Russian Federation, which has its own autonomy. Yakutia is also the largest administrative and territorial entity in the world. Yakutia's highest representative, legislative and supervisory body is the State Assembly (Il Tyumen), which is the republic's parliament.

Polymedia’s project was aimed to improve the efficiency of the parliament sessions and bring the legislative activity of the region to a qualitatively new level. A modern software and hardware solutions were created to organize electronic and informational interaction between parliamentarians during law-making processes.

In the scope of the project, a special application was developed to optimize deputies' work and improve the quality of their interaction. It provides a summons for the current session and all required information on past events in the two state languages, and also makes it possible to vote and monitor the progress of the legislative process. Minutes of Il Tyumen's work can now be broadcasted to the public or individual media outlets.