The New Megafon’s Office in the Oruzheyny Business Center


Megafon, Russia's largest mobile operator, moved its head office along with 4000 employees into a new building located in Moscow downtown.

Polymedia’s project aimed to equip the whole office of about 550K sq ft with an audiovisual systems using innovative technology to increase the effectiveness of conferences, trainings, business meetings and other events that use displays and information management systems, as well as solutions for digital collaboration and remote interaction. Overall 301 rooms were equipped with modern hardware & software equipment as well as reception and recreation areas of the new office.

For meetings planning convenience, the unique conference room reservation system was developed. The solution lets employees reserve rooms not only from their workstation using Microsoft Exchange or in person in the conference room using an interactive device. If an employee comes to a conference room that is occupied, the device will suggest the nearest vacant room and indicate the route to get there. Software interface is fully consistent with the operator's brand identity and has been created in close cooperation with Megafon employees to achieve best usability & ergonomics.