Сomplex multimedia solution for Moscow State University


Moscow State University is the oldest science and educational center of Russia founded in 1755. In 1940 it was named after Academician Mikhail Lomonosov (1711 — 1765), an outstanding Russian scientist, who greatly contributed to the establishment of the university in Moscow. The University has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence. At this oldest and most famous Russian university scientific and educational schools of international reputation have been formed.

Among its graduates and professors there are Nobel Prize winners and world known scientists. Moscow State University includes a number of scientific research institutes specialized in the most significant areas of modern science. The total number of students enrolled (including post-graduates and part-time students) is 40 000. The staff includes more than 8 500 professors, associates professors and research associates. Currently the number of foreign students and postgraduates is 5000 from 80 countries.

Polymedia, JSC in co-operation with the University management developed a project of multimedia communications for Lomonosov MSU containing a number of interlocking systems and centers based on current audiovisual and interactive technologies aimed at the primary objective of MSU — creating Russian university of tomorrow.

Project description

Polymedia JSC has implemented a project of Lomonosov MSU multimedia communications in tight schedule — it began on December 2010 and finished on March 2011.

Client brief & requirements

Education Ministry of Russian Federation together with the University executives approved in 2010 a Program of MSU Development till 2020 aimed at activating interdisciplinary researches and using advanced scientific tools and methods in educational process.

One of directions of the MSU development program is modernization of technical facilities at auditoria. According to modern trends of fitting out such facilities installed equipment should have the following functionality:

1. Using information sources of various formats

2. Using 3D study materials

3. Using interactive technologies at lessons

4. Using videoconference facilities at distance learning

5. Using interactive technologies at distant lessons

6. On-line lesson broadcasting in HD

7. Saving and storing lessons in HD

Having a reach experience of work with educational institutions Polymedia professionals could offer the University management an integrated project of MSU lecture halls audiovisual retooling that fully complies with world tendencies of educational technology development.

The project includes:

1. Installing multimedia equipment at 4 lecture halls

2. Equipping 35 auditoria for holding seminars

3. Creating information support infrastructure at the University

As a result the University has received interactivity research and educational centers allowing not only carry out traditional training but also organize such activities as:

• Joint lessons on design and research activity for University students together with their colleagues from various Russian high schools

• International sharing experiences between similar centers at universities of multiple countries

• Providing on-line possibilities for MSU students to take part at lessons of known foreign teachers and professors

• Using 3D technologies at educational process