Polymedia expanding its collection of interactive solutions for education

13 september 2012
Polymedia, a leading Russian systems integrator and education provider, expands its range of interactive solutions for education, that the Company intends to announce at a press conference to be held on September 21 in the RIA Novosti press center.

In this connection Polymedia has come to the decision to end partnership with interactive devices manufacturer – SMART.

Polymedia retains the obligation to supply SMART equipment till the end of the year, as well as all obligations to SMART users – the HelpDesk activity, consulting support and methodological assistance in interactive lessons development for teachers and support of the Teacher’s Internet community members “Edcommunity”. Service support for users becomes the responsibility of SMART.

Beginning in 1998 and up to 2010 Polymedia was the unique in the market which represented SMART and provided a full range of services to promote SMART interactive products in the entire territory of Russia. Serious investment in support, including human and commercial resources, allowed to maintain all the years its leadership position, occupying 40% of the market. Record figure was reached in 2008 - 45.6%.

Polymedia was the first one who 15 years ago widely presented White boards to Russian education society. The company has just formed a new market that didn’t exist in Russia before – the market of electronic interactive devices in education. The company has invested significant resources in the integration of interactive solutions into Russian schools, colleges and universities, and into the Russian educational community as a whole, which in 2010 resulted in the discovery of the universal teaching Internet community “Edcommunity”, in which space day and night dozens of Polymedia employees work for helping over 2000 users of interactive devices of all brands and types to communicate, create lessons and share experiences.

Workshops for teachers in the region, regular training in authorized training center conducted by professional teachers and tutors, teaching regular competitions and support the best teachers, research on the effectiveness of interactive Whiteboards, support resource centers in the institutions of education, partnerships with leading educational associations of Russia (" Best schools of Russia ", Russian Foundation for Teacher’s Support), the own social initiative in Education and support of the state one – professional competitions "Teacher of the Year", "Best School", "Educator of the Year", "The debut of Education" and the National Education Initiative "Our New School" – and other investments have allowed the Company to become the market leader in the Russian Education and naturally led to successful sales of interactive Whiteboards.

"We have always promoted the interactive whiteboard as intelligent product that requires substantial support, for each smart board seeing teachers and students, which may need professional support to achieve recognition and whose opinion is important to us, – said Elena Novikova, Polymedia CEO. – The approach to the promotion of products on the principles of mass-market is not suitable for Polymedia not either as a commercial company, exploring the Russian market, either as a company, working closely with the Russian educational society. Despite the termination of the contract with SMART, we do not stop to develop the direction of solutions for education and, following our principle of progress and self-perfection, we are ready to present new solutions to the market. "