Siberian State Geodesic Academy’s Board of Studies Multipurpose Hall


The project is aimed to creating at Siberian State Geodesic Academy a multipurpose hall for its Board of Studies allowing to hold meetings of academic and dissertation councils, meetings, presentations, conferences, sessions of video conferencing meanwhile conforming to the highest requirements for carrying out summits.

  • Engineers of Polymedia-Siberia company designed a system combining following parts:
  • Information display subsystem
  • Sound amplification subsystem
  • Voting subsystem
  • Audio and video signals control and switching subsystem
  • Videoconferencing subsystem
  • Subsystem for documenting events at the hall

A project of a regionally unique Siberian State Geodesic Academy’s Board of Studies was presented by Polymedia-Siberia company to the Novosibirsk region Governor Vasilliy Yurchenko on July 16, 2013.

High-tech equipment of the new multipurpose conference hall will allow Siberian scientists to conduct meetings of academic and dissertation councils, meetings, presentations, conferences, conferences as well as videoconference sessions with their colleagues from other regions. Specialists has already noted that by now the hall created by Polymedia-Siberia has no parallel at Novosibirsk by its wide functionality and technical capabilities.

Videoinformation display subsystem

A central display at the hall consists of a videowall of 55” Flame narrow gap displays in configuration 3x3 with interscreen junction of 5.7 mm. It provides bright vivid image even at intense ambient light.

Video signals for the videowall are formed by PolyWall 5000 video controller proprietary designed by Polymedia engineers.

PolyWall 5000 powerful graphic processor allows to broadcast multichannel HD video with resolution of 1920x1080 @ 60fps and 32 bit color depth. PolyWall 5000 is not merely a video controller but also a modern Windows 7 platform supporting any PC compatible applications.

Besides the hall is equipped with two 65” Flame displays for visualizing additional information from DIS conference system working stations.

Two Dell ST2340T touch sensitive tabletop displays are located at presidium that allow to control presentations collaterally with a speaker at the lectern.

Interactive lectern subsystem

A speaker lectern is equipped with SMART Podium SP 518 interactive display enabling speakers to control presentations and make graphical notes as well as with WolfVision Visualizer VZ-8light³ document camera.

Rostrum presentation computer is installed in a cabling cabinet at a control room, video and USB control signals are communicated to the interactive display by twisted pare cable using transceivers.

Control channels of presidium USB touch screen displays are connected to a presentation computer. The lectern is also equipped with a document camera allowing to demonstrate printed materials.

Switching subsystem

Switching subsystem collects, processes, routes and delivers graphical and audio signals from their sources to displays.

A DVI matrix switcher provides switching audio-video sources and displays.

Audio and video sources including video cameras, a presentation computer, an operator console, DIS conference system seats and videoconference codec are connected to its inputs.

Outputs of the matrix switcher are wired up to visualization hardware including a videowall, additional 65” wall mounted displays, presidium and lectern touch screen monitors.

Digital video signals are passed to display by twisted pair and transceivers.

Videoconferencing subsystem

LifeSize Room 220i codec is used for videoconferencing.

It supports 1080p30/720p60 high-definition video providing natural and realistic video communication and 720p60 video for the best motion processing with minimum delays. An 8-directional multipoint bridge with 1080p30 continuous presence supports voice-operated switching and simultaneous surveillance of four locations.

Videoconference system hardware includes two Full HD 1080p motor driven cameras with 18x optical zoom transmitting SDI video signals.

Documenting subsystem

Documenting events and videoconferences is provided by LifeSize UVC Video Center server.

It opens a user friendly access to streaming multimedia data, recording and displaying HD video. Single push button is enough to record HD video and demonstrate it to thousands of users as required. Live broadcasts and videos on-demand are automatically optimized for any device whether that be a desktop, notebook, tablet PC or smartphone thus guarantying the best possible video quality and minimizing buffering delays at most compact devices.

Sound reinforcement subsystem

Sound reinforcement it the hall is provided by Apart wire-broadcast net loudspeakers and Extron two-channel public-address power amplifier.

An Extron digital audio processor is used for mixing and processing audio signals, and feedback suppression in the conference system.

All the equipment is integrated into a uniform system by means of Extron centralized control system which allows to control all system components from a single touch screen/Web interface. Hall facilities are controlled through a proprietary touch screen monitor at presidium desk.

The system provides controlling motor driven curtains, air conditioners, groups of hall lighting devices and interior aesthetic illumination.

Conference system

Board of Studies members seats are equipped with DIS CD 6990p microphone consoles with a 3.5” LCD display, built-in loudspeaker, registration cards slot, and conference interpreting headset interface.

At the touch screen one can see an agenda, issue summary, and voting results.

The conference system is fitted with DIS CDA working station used for demonstrating at additional displays voting results, an agenda, and graphical information about a currently active microphone.