Audiovisual set implemented by Polymedia JSC under Ukraine hotel modernization


Polymedia JSC has acted as the primary contractor of equipping with audiovisual facilities thirty four floors of legendary Ukraine hotel that is one of seven Moscow famous high-risers of Stalin era. April 28, 2010 after three year long large scale restoration and modernization activities, a solemn opening ceremony took place with participation of Moscow mayor, political and public leaders, heads of confessions and leading Russian mass-media representatives.

Total floor space of the hotel exceeds 101,000 square meters, its height together with a 73 meter needle equals to 206 meters.

As a result of modernizing functional premises and public places at Ukraine hotel:

· A ramified multifunctional system of information displays has been deployed

· A set of audiovisual (AV) installations at various hotel rooms has been implemented

· A background sound system has been set at public places

· A historical-cultural miniature – diorama Moscow is the capital of the USSR – has been improved at the up-to-date technical level

· A centralized system of monitoring and controlling all installed facilities has been realized

Information display system

Virtually all floors in the building are equipped with Mitsubishi Electric information displays. Polymedia JSC used one of the most functional for the moment specialized software of C-nario company as a basis for a Digital Signage system and also developed its own special application providing integration of the C-nario software with the hotel information system carrying out business processes. Hotel's personnel uses Polymedia designed software to broadcast information messages on Digital Sinage system displays. Along with main Digital Signage functions the system offers some other possibilities that allow to visualize at distributed displays information from the hotel administration database about various events for navigating visitors through the hotel and advising them on programs of events currently hold at the hotel.

AV installations set at functional premises of the hotel

As a part of the project AV facilities have been deployed at the conference hall, business centre, library, fitness centre and its nursery, some restaurants, elevators, lobbies and grand ballroom.

Background sound system

To provide a consistent acoustic space at all public zones of the hotel including its lobby, elevators, corridors and reception zone, Polymedia professionals has developed a background sound system so that hotel's visitors don't loose perception of the complex integrity while transiting from one zone to another. Beside the system allows broadcasting live music after connecting to a piano located at the first floor of the building.

Updated Moscow is the USSR capital diorama

Being a unique historical showpiece, the diorama has been reborn thanks to modern light and audiovisual solutions that harmonically blended in with its elaborate design. Crestron integrated control system manages all operating modes of the diorama.

Local integrated equipment control systems and centralized system of facility monitoring and control

The background sound system together with all above mentioned hotel premises where new AV equipment has been installed, including a hairdressing saloon and the diorama, are managed by Crestron integrated control systems. The system has the most sophisticated structure at the business centre zone because all located here conference rooms and the grand ballroom are managed by a single controller that additionally functions as a billing processor. Integrated control panels are located at hotel's control rooms, but to provide convenient connection of user equipment that visitors can bring to business centre, fitness centre or hotel's restaurants, touch sensitive and push button panels of the integrated control system are also embedded in room walls and well match the design of each room. In VIP apartments of Iransky restaurant, for example, the panels are designed in oriental style fully harmonizing with the interior.

A central add-on system of monitoring and managing all installations is implemented for each object above local integrated control systems. It allows hotel's operational services to monitor current status of all the equipment and remotely control it's operational modes.

Main features of the project

1. Virtual Windows solution has been developed by Polymedia's professionals for karaoke bars according to customer wishes and the building architecture. To provide windows in windowless rooms without complicate building works engineers installed at karaoke bars at 32nd and 33rd floors "virtual windows" – vertical LCD panels connected to high resolution street video cameras attached to exterior walls of the building. Real-time view is now projected on displays decorated with window casements and curtains so that incomers to a karaoke bar even can't imagine that the room does not have real windows.

2. Moscow is the capital of the USSR – unique showpiece of panoramic and dioramic art. The model of 16 meters wide, 6 meters high and 9.5 meters deep with total area of 304.9 square meters is customized with lighting technologies that allow to simulate time of day change, lights of street lanterns and building windows, shining stars at Kremlin towers. Interactive information consol in front of the diorama broadcasts Moscow history and allows a viewer to switch on a presentation. Then a visitor can follow a pointing projector spot and listen through headphones a virtual tour of Moscow centre in a chosen language. The virtual trip is accompanied by multimedia demonstration of Old Moscow historical chronicles on two screens left and right of the diorama.

3. Operator's room area optimization for installing equipment racks. It was a bound decision because air conditioning systems at operator's rooms don't leave enough space for rack installation in their classical style. But Polymedia engineers managed not only to densely install the racks keeping necessary zones for their technical support, but also successfully solved problems with located there equipment cooling. To support temperature conditions for expensive equipment operation when power consumption of some racks reaches 10 kW Polymedia professionals used a Rittal air-water heat exchanging system connecting it to the building's common air conditioning system whereas reliable and continuous operation of racked devices is provided by an uninterrupted power supply system.

4. Sophisticated cabling. The total length of all cable routs used for the set of AV installations reaches 160 km. It's almost 1.5 times more than Moscow Ring Road stretch – just that amount of cables has been required to connect all five operator's rooms of the hotel and its equipped premises at various floors.

5. Fixtures and frameworks for non-standard installations. Taking into consideration all peculiarities of the building Polymedia's design engineering bureau developed special fixtures and frameworks that were manufactured at in-house production facilities of the company.

Full project description (PDF)