Interactive Virtual Space in the Taganka Theater


Taganka Theater is one of the most famous theaters in Russia. An interactive museum was created by Polymedia to commemorate the historical former director of the theater Yuri Lyubimov's 100th birthday. The museum combines a circular projection on the lobby's walls and a virtual interactive 3D tour of the theater.

Yuri Lyubimov's office is a unique place in the theater. During the director's life it was visited by Vladimir Putin, Arthur Miller, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and many other celebrities. They all left writings on the office walls. To make these historical writings public Polymedia proposed the idea to digitalize them and transfer to the theater's lobby. As a result, viewers are immersed in 360° of video content with a 3D effect, making them feel as if they are in the director's office.

The second element of the museum is interactive kiosks located in different parts of the theater. Using these touch kiosks, Taganka Theater guests can go on a virtual 3D tour through the building, accessing areas closed to regular visitors: make-up rooms, dressing rooms, workshops, various others rooms and corners of the theater. This makes the exhibition special and valuable to the viewer.